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Alarm Plus

The Best Alarm Clock + timer + Stopwatch + Tasks + Contacts App For Android
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Alarm Plus Millenium (PAID) is a complete and powerful android application. It includes an Alarm Clock, a Stopwatch, unlimited Timers, a Task Manager, a Contact Manager and a Relaxing Music Player. Yes! all this in one amazing application.

Alarm Clock :
Alarm Plus Millenium provides a reliable alarm clock with functionalities that will impress you :

1- Alarm label : displays the chosen title of the alarm.
2- Alarm days : displays the selected days in the case of an alarm for specific days or the start and the end time for a configured alarm after a selected time.
3- In time Indicator : indicates that the alarm is set after the displayed time.
4- Enable-Disable button : allows you to see the active alarms (green) and non active ones (red) as well as to enable and disable them.
5- Checkbox : allows you to select the alarms that you want to delete by the button 7.
6- Select All button : to select, deselect all items.
7- Delete button : delete the selected alarms.
8- Add alarm : a simple click lets you add a new alarm and a long click to add a voice alarm or voice task (see below).
9- Sleep and Relaxation function : this one allows you to play relaxing music when you take a nap or are going to sleep.

Task Manager :
Task Manager allows you to schedule tasks with a very interactive way :

1- Title of the task : it must be set to be able to save the task.
2- Dictate the task and choose the most appropriate sentence for the task.
3- Copy the title of the task in the details.
4- Choose if a task will be in a certain time or at a selected date.
5- Choose whether the task will be notified or as an alarm with a ringtone that you select.
6- Select the frequency and the number of repetition of the task.

Contact Manager :
With Alarm Plus Millenium, you can create a list of contacts with useful information (name, phone number, email, date of birth), contact them through the application and get notifications of their birthdays :

1- Contact picture : click on it to edit the contact information.
2- Contact information : name, date of birth, age.
3- Phone : call the contact with a simple click if the phone number is saved.
4- Message : send an SMS with a simple click or an Email a long click.
5- Checkbox : to select contacts to delete.
6- New contact : Add a contact.
7- Select or deselect all contacts.
8- Delete selected contacts.
9- Import all contacts.

Timers :
Unlimited timers highly customizable for your daily needs (Cooking, Parking, Naps,...) :

1- Add a new timer.
2- Start (or Pause) all selected timers at the same time.
3- Reset all selected timers.
4- Start selected timers sequentially.

Stopwatch :
Alarm Plus Millenium includes a professional stopwatch for your daily activities (Running, Swimming, Gym training,...) :

2- Share your results via social media ( Google+, Twitter, Facebook,...).
3- Save your results to SD card (or import them with a long click).
5- Stopwatch, display progress.

Sleep & Relaxation :
The relaxation music player is designed to get a wonderful relaxing sounds with gradual reducing of volume option that lead to a smooth transition into the deep sleep :

- You choose the duration of the relaxation.
- You choose and check the sounds you want to play.
- You check the option gradual reduction that will ensure you a smooth sleep.
- You click Sleep now.
- You can test the sounds with the Play sound button.

Beautiful Widgets :
The app offers you very nice looking and useful widgets:

Main Required Permissions :
- "Network permission" for weather option.
- "Read/ Write external storage" for backup and restore options  and reading audio files on alarms.
- "Read contacts permission" to use "import contacts" feature.
- "Read phone state" to silence the alarm if you are in a call.
- "Modify system settings" to save the next alarm on system (to get it on any widget).