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Tasks Millenium

The Best Tasks & To do list for android
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Tasks Millenium is a complete Task & To Do List application. It allows you to schedule and manage your daily tasks with a very interactive and flexible way :

1- Title of the task : it must be set to be able to save the task.
2- Dictate the task and choose the most appropriate sentence for the task.
3- Copy the title of the task in the details.
4- Choose if a task will be in a certain time or at a selected date.
5- Choose whether the task will be notified or as an alarm with a ringtone that you select.
6- Select the frequency and the number of repetition of the task.

Tasks Millenium needs permissions to work, the main ones are:
■ Internet: for Ads and voice recognition, 
■ Read/Write external storage: for backup & restoring tasks.
■ Receive boot completion: to reset tasks after rebooting your devices.

I speak ENGLISH and ANOTHER LANGUAGE as NATIVE, I want to help by adding new TRANSLATION or IMPROVING existing translations (Send Email to Dev).

  • Alarms list

  • Add new alarm

  • Night Mode 1

  • Night Mode 2

  • Wonderful widgets 1

  • Wonderful widgets 2

  • Tasks list

  • Add/Modify tasks

  • Contacts list

  • Add new contact

  • Modify contact's information

  • Stopwatch

  • Timers

  • Sleep And Relax

  • Settings

  • Alarm going off

  • Express Voice Alarm (long press)

  • Different ways to stop alarms 1

  • Different ways to stop alarms 2

  • Math problems

  • Visual test

  • Calendar for date selection

  • User's guide