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Multi-Timer & Stopwatch

Multi Timer & Stopwatch by Millenium Apps is a powerful yet easy to use Multi Timer app for your daily activities, from sports to medication, including cooking and all kinds of time measurement.

Multi Timer & Stopwatch offers :
✔️Unlimited Timers that can run simultaneously or sequentially.
✔️Drag & Drop to reorder Timers.
✔️Precise Stopwatch with accuracy of 1/100 of a second.
✔️Customizable Widgets: feature-rich Timer and Stopwatch widgets.
✔️Background support: when you close the app Timers and Stopwatch will continue to run.
✔️Control buttons on notifications.
✔️Battery efficient: uses the minimum battery power possible...

Timers :
✔️Can be restarted automatically for up to 1000 times or unlimited.
✔️Set an alarm or vibration for the end.
✔️Read Timer title at the end.
✔️Reorder by drag & drop.
✔️Can run simultaneous or sequential timers.
✔️Can run and be controlled on notification.
✔️Run for up to 100 hours...

Stopwatch :
✔️Accuracy of 1/100 of a second.
✔️Save results to Memory (or import them with long click on "Save" button).
✔️Share results via social media.
✔️Track lap's number, time and cumulative time.
✔️Can run and be controlled on notification...

Color it :
You can easily change the color of background, header and floating buttons.

Support :
Some devices can have memory issues that may kill timers. Please make sure to have enough free RAM available on your device (more than 150Mb) to avoid this kind of issues. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issue.

Here are some screenshots from phone and tablet :