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About us

Millenium Apps is started by a passionate Engineer & App Developer. The purpose behind Millenium Apps was to develop amazing Utility Apps. These apps aim to make the daily life simpler for millions of people around the world.

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Our Priority

We listen to all your valuable suggestions and requests and make them our first priority. Behind every feature a satisfied user.

All details are well thought

Our Process

Every detail in the app is well thought and tested to offer you the best performances and the widest abilities.

Innovative features

We keep adding amazing features to our apps. Alarm challenges are a great example of that.

Millenium Apps
Alarm Clock Challenges

Video Tutorials

We made many tutorial videos to demonstrate features of our Apps.

Video Tutorials Playlist

Our Patrners

We partnered with best tech companies to bring you great solutions. For example, the amazing Flic Buttons from our partner ShortcutLabs.

Flic Smart Buttons by ShortcutLabs

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Flic Smart Buttons can do almost everything and can be used to dismiss or snooze alarms in our Alarm Clock App