Timers in Alarm Plus Millenium Android App

Alarm Plus Millenium

Are you looking for an Android Alarm Clock with great features?

Welcome to the most complete and powerful Alarm Clock App on Android. It comes with an Alarm Clock, World Clock, Unlimited Timers and a Stopwatch. It includes as well a Tasks and Contacts Manager in addition to a Relaxing Sound Player.

Main features

Limitless possiblities can be done with Alarm Plus Millenium.

You can set alarms or tasks, run timers, play relaxing sounds, and more…

Android Alarm Clock in Alarm Plus Millenium Android App

Alarm Clock

  1. Alarm label when used.
  2. Repetition days or start/end time.
  3. Timer(in X Time) alarm.
  4. Alarm activation.
  5. Edit Alarm.
  6. Challenge Icon.
  7. Sleep & Relax Player.
  8. Add Alarm (Long press for more option).


  1. Add a new timer.
  2. Add 30 seconds.
  3. Reset the timer.
  4. Multiple selection for more options.


  1. Reset the stopwatch.
  2. share results.
  3. Save to memory (or import with long press).

Add Task in Alarm Plus Millenium Android App


  1. Task title (Required).
  2. Dictate tasks.
  3. Date or delay option.
  4. Repetition period and number.
  5. Priority color.

Contacts list in Alarm Plus Millenium Android App


  1. Add contact(Long click for more options).
  2. Contact information.
  3. Call or message your contact.
  4. Upcoming birthdays.

Relaxing Sounds Player in Alarm Plus Millenium Android App

Relaxing Player

  1. Mix nature sounds with your musics.
  2. Music duration (Apply on button 3).
  3. Play music for selected duration.
  4. Play music.
  5. Volume equalizer.