Frequently asked questions

Why my alarms are showing in pop-up notification and not in full screen alarm from Android 10?

Andoid 10 introduced new rules to avoid user interruption. One of the rules is that closed Apps can not show full screen alerts when the screen is ON. They can only show pop-up notifications. It’s very important to not change notification settings to make sure that the notification will pop-up for alarms.

I'm a heavy sleeper, is there a way to force me to go out of bed to Dismiss the alarm?

You can use Smart Bluetooth buttons that you can put on bathroom. You will find it in “Alarm Stop Mode” options. Learn more

Can I transfer alarms from one phone to another or FREE App to PAID App?

The solution is “Backup & Restore” feature that you will find in menu and settings. In combination with Google Drive it takes two clicks:
1- Backup in the free version (or one phone).
2- Restore in the Plus version (or in the new phone).


Without Google Drive it will require more steps :
1- Backup in both versions (or phones).
2- Locate the database file (.db) as indicated in both phones.
3- Copy the .db file from the FREE app folder (or old phone) and paste it to replace the one in the PAID app folder (or new phone).
2- Restore in the PAID version (or new phone).

How to avoid accidental clicks on Snooze/Dismiss buttons?

You can activate long click for Snooze and Dismiss buttons on alarms (Settings >> Advanced settings >> Long click to).

I have Xiaomi or Huawei, do I need to make changes?

Yes, you may need to make many changes to alllow alarms to work. Learn more

Do battery saving and antivirus apps impact alarms?

Unfortunately, yes. Some battery saving and antivirus apps prevent alarms from working so you need to change their settings to add our alarm clock and tasks apps to whitelist.

I don't see alarm screen during alarms, what to do?

There are two possible reasons :

1- You have Android 10 or newer and you didn’t give the app permission to show notifications while in some cases full screen alarms can’t be shown (App closed and screen On). Please make sure to allow notifications from the App.

2- You may just left it with Home button. You can access it in “Recent apps” section. You can also open it through a notification that shows at every alarm.

Can alarms work when the phone is turned off?

The answer is no. Android phones don’t have a second battery like in old phones so when they are turned off, there is no electricity to run code. The good news is that Android phones use very small amount of energy in sleep mode (<2% per hour). You just need to avoid bad performing background apps that may drop your battery.

P.S: Some very rare Android phones may have a second small battery though.

Can alarms work in Do Not Disturb mode?

It depends on your Android version. On newer Android version, you may need to give the app DND permission. You will get a notification about it when it happens. On other phones, you may just need to enable alarms in DND mode exceptons.

What are main permissions needed for?

– “Network permission” for weather option.
– “Read/ Write external storage” for backup and restore options  and reading audio files on alarms.
– “Read contacts permission” to use “import contacts” feature (Alarm Plus Millenium App).
– “Read phone state” to silence the alarm if you are in a call.
– “Modify system settings” to save the next alarm on system (to get it on any widget).


Flashlight App :

– “Use camera” permission required to use flash.

How to test alarms for the first time?

At first time, you may need to make real test by setting an alarm for few minutes later and turning the screen off. This way you will confirm that your system settings don’t prevent alarms from working. You need to do it one time only and if you install a new battery saving app or a system update in some cases.

Do I have to buy again the Pro version (Ad-FREE) if I reinstall the app?

You don’t have to buy it again. You will have to do the same processes as you did to buy it with the same Google Account. Before asking you to pay, the app will check if you already bought it and will remove ads without asking for payment in that case.

Why my alarms go off late or after I unlock the phone?

If your alarms go off late, it means that something is preventing them from working. It can be :

  1. Battery saving or Task killer or Antivirus apps, you need to add the app to whitelist.
  2. System power saving settings. Some phones like Xiaomi and Huawei require many changes in system settings to allow alarms to work. Sony phones also require to be careful with stamina mode.

Why I am getting a warning of Illigal copy in Alarm Plus Millenium?

For security reasons, we don’t allow installs from internal memory. If you want to reinstall the paid app you need to do it from the appstore where you bought it.