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Alarm Clock Millenium is a FREE Android Alarm Clock App with Timers and Stopwatch that will make you wake up refreshed and solve all your timing needs.



“It is scientifically proven that waking up with suddend loud alarm is very bad for your heart. The solution comes with Alarm Clock Millenium : Thanks to the gradual increasing volume and brightness features, you will wake up in a very gentle way and feel refreshed all the day”.


Alarm Clock Millenium offers a wide choice of options to wake up at time in the best possible way. It includes progressive alarms for light sleepers as well as extreme challenges for heavy sleepers.


With Alarm Clock Millenium, you can create unlimited alarms, timers, timer & stopwatch widgets and customize them as you want.

In addition to the basic functionalities of an Alarm Clock, you can:
✔️ Play your favorite or random ringtone, music and playlist on alarms.
✔️ Wake up gently with the progressive volume and brightness features.
✔️ Set flexible alarms (one time, recurring, date, timer).
✔️ Launch your favorite app as alarms…


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