The Brightest and Smartest Flashlight

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Wave Flashlight is a FREE Adroid App that turns your Android device into a powerful torch. It uses your Camera LED (camera and flash permissions required) to trun the darkest places into brightest ones.



If your device is equiped with a proximity sensor, you will be able to use it efficiently with hand gesture control. it will turn on when you put your hand near the proximity sensor, and turns off in the other case. This will allow you to use it only in the moment you need it and make your battery charge last longer.


Features :

✔️ Wave gesture support (proximity sensor) to use less battery.
✔️ Uses maximum brightness of your device.
✔️ Strobe / Blinking mode included with 9 levels.
✔️ Full screen light with different colors and brightness with animation and swipe gesture.
✔️ Amazing flashlight widget…

Torch Wave Flashlight is very intuitive to use and includes a long click bonus that is used to:
✔️ Set values for maximum Brightness and Volume in the main screen.
✔️ Hide/Show buttons in the light screen (after click on lamp icon).

In the full screen light, swipe gesture allows you to:
✔️ Change the color (Left-Right).
✔️ Change the brightness (Up-Down).