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Best utility Apps for your daily tasks

Our Android utility apps are packed with great features.

  • Use Alarm Clock and Timers for timing.
  • More flexibility with Tasks.
  • Get world time and manage your contacts.
  • Find your way at night with our Flashlight App.

Most of our Apps are available for FREE.

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Our Android Utility Apps are absolutely suited for daily activities.

Alarm Clock

Unlimited alarms with flexible settings. In addition, wake up refreshed with progressive volume.

Timers & Stopwatch

Run unlimited timers simultaneously or sequentially. Meanwhile, use stopwatch for your exercising.

Tasks & To-Do List

Keep track of your daily tasks and appointments. Importantly, get them done at time.

World Clock

Keep an eye on current local times around the world. Up to 600 world cities are included.

Contact Manager

Personalized contact manager with birthdays notification in addition to call and message features.

Sleep & Relaxation

Relaxing media player with nature sounds. Above all, it inlcudes fade out timer to fall asleep.

What Users Said

Android Utility Apps User 3

Excellent app, exactly what I need. Thanks & kudos to the Developer 😉

Niall Delaney

Android Utility Apps User 2

This alarm timer stopwatch sleep task calendar app has everything i need and plenty i didnt even realize i wanted till now! so full featured and customizable, I love it!

Laura Alexander

Android Utility Apps User 7

Great for all my needs that require using time. Happy that its so customizable for every alarm, timer or notification.

Ashley McCray

Android Utility Apps User 6

Thank You Sooooooo Much ! I tried your free version and was pleasantly surprised by its common sense approach. I ended up buying the Pro Version (paid). This is the first time I have actually purcha$ed an app. THNKS!

Aaron Boyce

Android Utility Apps User 4

This is by far the greatest alarm clock I have ever used.

Shaun Johnson

user 5

I LOVE that you can have multiple timers set at once. Also, the dev team was quick to respond to my suggestion and point me in the right direction to find the feature I couldn’t find. Very impressed!

Sheila Karner

user 1

Wonderful App, does everything they say it will in an easy to manage way and with a pleasant, neat and easily to understand interface.

Terence J. Colhoun